Patient and Visitor

To provide effective and compassionate patient care, the hospital’s policies, programs and services are designed to respect the rights and dignity of each patient. All employees and staff have an ethical obligation to ensure that the rights of every patient are supported in all interactions and in the provision of health care services. Patients also have specific responsibilities in working with members of the health care team, so that they can receive the best possible care in a safe and collaborative environment. The degree and nature of patient involvement in consultations with health professionals Patient Rights and Responsibilities are established with the expectation that observance of these rights will contribute to more effective patient care and greater satisfaction for the patient, family, physician and the facility caring for the patient. Patients shall have their rights without regard to age, gender, national origin, religion, culture, personal values or belief systems.

Visitors (Guiding Principles)

Visitors and visitation rights are important, the well being of both the patients and their families, also it should be operationally friendly that means it should support a therapeutic environment, facilitates patients care and it should be compatible with infection control practices.