Diet for Small Intestine Anastomosis

What can I eat from Foods?

In the first 6-8 weeks may feel much satisfaction and a little gas if you follow a low fiber diet This diet gives the intestine enough to adapt and recovery time, and after this period gradually enter the fiber to your diet.

High-fiber foods include cereals, wheat bread, and brown bread, vegetables, fruits, and can eat almost anything except nuts such as peanuts and popcorn.

Increase the amount of fluids:

Clogging foods:

The proposed Diet:

- Bread and cereals 6 - 11 meal every day

- Eat 2-4 of fruit each day

- Milk and its derivatives 2-3 each day

- Meat and alternatives 2-3, or a total of 6 ounces a day

- Fats And snacks