On your admission, a clerk will ask you or your representative to sign a consent form for treatment. The patient family identification card (card al-ahila) to be provided. A member of the hospital staff will escort you to your room. A nurse will ensure your comfort.

If you know in advance of your admission bring with you:

A limited amount of personal toiletries, including toothbrush, paste and comb. If you have dentures, eyeglasses, contact lenses, please bring them with you. When not in use these items should be placed in the drawer of your bedside. For watchers; Pajama’s robe, and slippers; magazines and or books. In addition maternity patients should being diapers and diaper pins, a baby blanket and an infant gown to use when taking baby home. Children may bring a small favorite toy. Prayer rug; provided if you wish to pray in your room.

Do NOT bring with you:

Any Valuables. Although these can be put in a safe for you, any valuables you retain are at your own risk, and the hospital will not accept responsibility for any loss. If you were admitted as an emergency. Give all valuables and money to your relatives or friends to take home. Any current drugs or medicines you use.

Your are not allowed to take this while in the hospital. If you bring any, they must be handed to the nurse, because you will only receive medicines prescribed to you as an inpatient. The use of mobile cellular telephone may interfere with medical electronic equipments their use anywhere in the hospital is strictly prohibited. Food; Meals and drinks will be supplies to you. The dietary department will assist you with special requirements.

Your Room:

Your room is designed for your safety and convenience. For your entertainment, TV is available. The nurse will show you how to operate this when you are settled into your room.

To call the nurse:

To call the nurse, please use the remote control when you wish to watch TV channels are pre-tuned and you should not change the setting. If you have a problem, call the nurse.

Telephone calls:

Local calls may be made from the telephone at your bedside. Dial 9 for outside line, then your number when you hear the dial tone.


By the Royal Decree, smoking is forbidden in Royal Commission Medical Center.